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My name is Jacob Pham

I am an aspiring animator with over six years of experience utilizing a range of software including After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Alongside my expertise in animation, I have a strong foundation in photography and video production. In addition, I possess hands-on experience with 3D using industry-standard software such as Maya and 3DS Max. My passion lies in expanding my knowledge of these programs as well as other new industry leading software, with a particular focus on refining and honing my skills in Motion Design. I love bringing my art to life and hope that I can help others' bring their vision to life.

Check out my resume for more about me!

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I have known and managed Jacob at Mosaic Learning for 2+ years now, and in that time have seen him grow into a great professional and take ownership of his confidence. He has always been willing to try and learn something new everyday, and jumps to help with anything. His skills are growing every moment, his passion is evident, and his creativity is a great asset to any group brainstorming session. He has recently been promoted, now leading projects on his own and hasn’t lost a beat! Jacob also brings an ever present optimism into everything he does and is an absolute joy to work with!

Erin Kahlenberg, Senior SaaS Product Designer 

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